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               Eye of the Kraken

Win 95-2000 NT
& XP
„Eye of the Kraken " is an absurd Comic-Detective-Adventure, that is a credit to the name of the small group of coders „Absurdus" from Canada. The „hero“in the game is an envoyer, who must bring an important letter to the Hyaden islands.  He has booked a transit on the sailer Glutamax that will bring him and the other passengers there in 5 days. But before Abdullah can make himself really comfortable in his cabin, he receives a letter with the message: „The eye of the Kraken has been stolen, the thief is on Glutamax. Certainly we don’t have to mention that the owner of “The Eye of the Kraken” can abuse this to take over the world etc...”
Since the beginning of 2005, this once shareware marketed, very professional Adventure is available as a free full-version.
Screenshot  Homepage  Download (150 MB)
               Lord Monarch

Win 95-2000 NT
& XP

In this nice, complex off - and online-role-playing game, it is essential to explore and increase your territory as well as to take over the enemies' land. The ability to think strategically is asked, because not only is the right time for deciding an attack necessary, but also the operation must be economical. The graphic of “Lord Monarch” is lovingly designed, the music is great, and „it has all the indispensable elements for a dynamic game”. Lots of fun!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (1.4 MB)
               Professor Brösl

Win 95-2000 NT
& XP
Professor Brösel is a scientist at the research-centre ZUUM who improves utensils that are presented to him. However, he finds out about a dark secret: His developments are being used by the crazy professor Mister ZUUM to take over the world. Professor Brösel is an interactive 2d point´n´click- adventure of the old style. A wonderful graphic and a lot of jokes.
If you are willing to download 222 MB, 3-4 hours of pure adventure fun are guaranteed!
Screenshot  Homepage  Download (222 MB)
               The Lost Island Of Alanna

Win 95-2000 NT
& XP
On a mysterious trip to an island in the Mediterranean with Cherry Coke®!  Alanna is a world that is based on the knowledge and culture of many civilizations. Go on the path of wisdom and overcome the many obstacles created by the cultures of former times to protect their secret for eternity. Collect every hint that you find! Even a little stone can open gates! The excellent graphics and an ambiance like the cult-game Myst will lead you to overlook the big download of 16 MBS! Have a look at the Screenshots and you will be convinced!
Screenshot  Homepage  Download (16 MB)
               The Will 2

Win 95-2000 NT
& XP

Whoever was of the opinion that there are only beautiful 3d graphics in commercial Adventures is taught better by The Will 2! Set out into a graphic experience of the extraordinary type! Find the diamonds hidden in an abandoned house and you will be able to name the heritage of luck your own. More will not be revealed ; -)

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (4.7 MB)

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