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Arcadespiele und Actionspiele gibt es kostenlose bei Z.B. Counter Strike 2D 3D-Shooter und das gratis!
               Capitain Wesco    

Win 95-2000 & XP

For all you moorhen-chicken-fans, who like it groovy, we have exactly the right game for you! As super-hero „Captain Wesco" you go on the quest to save the princess Anea who has been kidnapped by Aliens. But on the way, the Alien army of Ironia hinders you! Elegantly, they slide through time and space; but caution they shoot back! And you can also win something! Perfect 3D graphics and the music of “Captain Wesco" make this game one of the best advertising-games ever.

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (4.0 MB)
               Citi Mining

Win 95-2000 & XP

Now for a free download at
This -Boulder Dash - clone of a German bank with level editor distinguishes more colorful than ever. The 4 different episodes, each of them with 15 creatively designed and diversified levels, ensure that you have a long fun game! Whether in the eternal ice, the tunnels of Klondike, on Mars or in the cellar-vaults of the New Yorker central bank ­ it is always about treasure hunting. For playful people 8-88 : -)

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (1.5 MB)
               Counter Strike 2D

Win 95-2000 & XP

The best comfort for those who have a 3D-card for Counter Strike Source that has become too slow! A German developer-team has transformed CS completely into a top view Shooter! The idea was successful! All arms exist to be purchased, original-sounds and Bots (computer-enemies) also LAN-function (on-line-games possible) implemented! A hit not only for confirmed CS-Fans!!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (6 MB)
               Cube 2005

Win 95-2000 & XP

The 3rd Dimension becomes gratuitous! With Cube, we present you one of the best 3D-Shooters of all! It is revived from an Open-Source-Project with big plans and grew to a game hit of extraordinary class with an arrow fast engine!! The game is clearly dimensioned for Multiplayer games nevertheless it offers the possibility of a Single play. Anyway whoever has ISDN or DSL will become addicted to this online game after a short warm up, because that’s where the strength of Cube is! Team-spirit is asked in order to survive against the high artificial intelligence of the opponents!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (28 MB)

Win 95-2000 & XP
One of the best known games of all is the classic Shoot em UP “R-Type". In a spaceship one engaged with evil in different horizontally scrolling worlds. Action and thrills made the game a box-office hit of the 80`s and many more or less good copies followed. In the middle of the 90´s it became less popular and 3D-games conquered the gambling houses. Now, there is a Revival! With Dove you experience the feeling of reactions again! A brilliant R-Type clone with excellent music, good graphics and all the extras, without which a playing through of the 9 Levels with just as many final enemies would be sheer impossibility! Fabulous!
Screenshot  Homepage  Download (5 MB)
               Earth Force

Win 95-2000 & XP

Earth Force might be the best Space shooter for the PC! In this classic 2D-Genre (R-Type among others), 3D elements now arrive and recreate it again! Innumerable very complex and varying Levels provide long game fun of the highest class! At „Screenshot" you will find information to control the game! With 15 Levels and more than 30 different weapon systems, this game provides a long time of enjoyment!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (26 MB)
               Giana Worlds

Win 95-2000 & XP

One of the best conversions of the cult game Giana Sisters ever! With 32-channel music (among others from Instant Remedy), high color graphics and a variety of newly configured Levels!! A free-game on its way to cult status!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (5 MB)
               Gobbo Teil 1 bis 4

Win 95-2000 & XP
The goal of this game is to collect as many gold coins as possible. Gobbo tries to catch them running, jumping, climbing and swimming. Expectedly there are all sorts of obstacles to break through: treadmills, walls that have to be blown up strategically, octopuses, bats, spiders, mines and so on... A game from us to you! Only at! If you click on Screenshot you will find the current high scores!! If you would like to appear on the High score list send us a Screenshot of the game at the following address:
Downloads: Gobbo 1 Gobbo 2 Gobbo 3 Gobbo 4
Screenshot  Download (~1 MB)
               Gravity Strike

Win 95-2000 & XP

Gravity Strike is a felicitous transposition of the Amiga classic of the same name which is oriented on Thrust of the C64. In this game you navigate a small ship, whose mission is to pick up packets of goods. Sounds simple.... if there wasn’t gravity..... That provides for a high addiction-factor! Now also Multiplayer capable!!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (8 MB)
               Half Life 2 - Codename Gordon -

Win 95-2000, XP

3D-Shooter only different! Half Life 2 -Codename Gordon - is a „mini-game" to the official Release of Half Life 2. In fact it is one of the best 2D-Beta Jump & run-games of all! The control is extraordinary and brilliant. It is completely held like a 3D-Shooter (mouse, A, W, D, S and so on) and this all along 6 levels with 5 sweeping arms! The game strongly reminds you of the super hit “Metal Slug” by Neo Geo and creates a similar atmosphere on your screen (Addicting!)

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (36 MB)


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