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               GTA 2 Grand Theft Auto II

Win 95-2000 & XP

Unbelievable but true: One of the best-selling games of the last years is now available as Freeware!! In this Game, built from the bird's eye perspective, you play a city ignorant criminal. It simply makes you addicted to cracking into innumerable cars, to attacking banks and to performing turbo-fast chases with the police! Whoever would like to find out more about this game and is interested in tips and tricks will find info on the GTAForever fan page! To download the game (attention, over 300 MB!!) you briefly have to register with your e-mail address at Rockstargames.... The Downloadlink will follow via e-mail. The fun-for-free late summer-hit!!!!!!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (328 MB)
               I`ve got some Balls

Win 95-2000 & XP

It should be a 3D graphic!! This sentence is heard more and more frequently among Freeware coders! A particular Highlight is the Action-Hit -I've got some balls - from Finland. You direct a ball on dangerous 3D routes through breathtaking surroundings. In order to get into the next of the 12 levels it is necessary to collect all diamonds on the "racetracks ". This is a true challenge; however fortunately there are differently-colored power balls that supply useful extras. Not only because of the cool sound track and the diversified routes (there are 5 more on the Homepage) no monotony arises with this Game!!! The minimum-requirements: 3D-card with at least 4 MB, 32 MB and 200 cute MHz (little smile: -).......... and you experience this playful and graphic top class game!!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (2.4 MB)

Win 95-2000 & XP
Not really an Action game but certainly the only „3D-Shooter" without age-limitation! The task is to shoot down towers of different constructions in 39 tricky worlds. Sounds simple but not with these demands: Each shot (no matter whether with pistol, bomb or shotgun) costs 100 Euro and each hit gives only 10 Euro. Because of the small budget the power of deduction is more important than tactic and speed. Only perfect shots with domino-effect bring you into the next Level! Extremely high addiction-factor!
Screenshot  Homepage  Download (6.2 MB)
               Laserage Gold

Win 95-2000 XP &

Get yourselves ready for a wonderful Shooter with 24-bit colors, 9 Powerups, 15 distinct hostile ships and a felicitous sound. Laser Age modelled after games like Galaga and offers 3 levels with 45 diversified screens. Unfortunately it was the last free game of the gifted boys of Ingava before they separated.

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (6 MB)

Win 95-2000 & XP

If it is about a new game idea, most game-companies have difficulties! Often the Freeware-authors bring alternation into the world of the players. Same with Ploing, an interesting mixture in 3D of Breakout, Pong and pinball! In 16 levels you direct a paddle horizontally and with the left mouse button you fire the balls back into the field. One scores points as in pinball. At the moment the sequel is being created! Always at it!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (5.8 MB)
               Q-Lat 2

Win 95-2000 & XP

Q-Lat 2 is an arcade game influenced by Bowl, Billiard and Pinball which led to a new game-idea! The goal is to match all balls with the same color on a very beautifully shaped field. The fastest ball can relay its color onto others and thereby stop the chequered play of colors. Long time game fun for one or two players guaranteed!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (3.4 MB)
               SNOK (SNAKE from NOKIA- mobile phone)

Win 95-2000 & XP

Snok is based on the Nokia classic „Snake" and it can be seen! In the single, as much as in the multiplayer-version, the 3rd dimension of the game opens up to you. In 3 successive worlds, the snake hovers and grows and grows but fortunately there are some Powerups! And for all of you who don’t want to lose track, here a small tip: With the function-buttons you can change the perspective! Unfortunately the Download is everything else but small with 25 MBS, however in exchange you get a variety of MP3 Tunes from the Demo scene during the game!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (26 MB)
               Ultimate Sonic Chaos (DER Sonic von Sega)

Win 95-2000 & XP

Hardly any game series has been implemented so many times by fans as the jump `n ` run hits with the super fast Sonic of Sega. In the last years, the creative " Magicgrafx " has already built up a reputation in terms of Sonic Fan games , however now they have even surpassed themselves!! We can’t offer you a 3D-version but maybe one of the best 2D Jump `n` Runs that are available for the PC!! And all are with Sonic, Tails and friends and in a quality that brings the fast distinctive game play of the paddle version on your Pentium.

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (7 MB)
               Vertrix 2

Win 95-2000 & XP

Unfortunately the times when Logic games had a solid place in gambling halls are long ago. It was just these classics that could captivate us for hours to the gambling machine for only a dollar. With Vertrix 2, an ingenious coloums implementation, one of the classics revives in a contemporary habit! Innumerable people can be selected and everyone of them contains some Power-Ups in themselves (more than 80)! Brilliant 3D graphics and music make this Logic/Arcade combination a super-hit! A good 3D-card, a speed up of at least 500 Mhz and the atmosphere of a gambling hall conquer your room!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (16 MB)
               Xenon 2000 (Xenon Megablast 3)

Win 95-2000 & XP

The name "Bitmap-Brothers" stands for the very best Amiga & Atari ST computer-games. For several years the team, that consists of 5 freaks of “the older days ", works on a sequel of the classics. The hits are certainly Speedballs & Xenon Megablast 2. Today we can offer you the last remake as a free full-version for a download! Xenon 2000 is a worthy follower of one of the best Shooter of all times! Now with still more Power-Ups, which motivate you to further plays! Save again the peaceful intergalactic community from the evil evil not so little Aliens : -)

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (14.3 MB)


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