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               123 Free Solitaire  

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT
May it be a little more than in Bill Gates favorite I-ad to-Windows-for-free game. 123 Free Solitaire is a very successful Solitaire game with a lot of variations. There are 5 variations to choose from: Fourteen out, FreeCell, Golf, Klondike and Pyramid. The cards are creatively drawn and you have the possibility to change the cover and the background.
Screenshot  Homepage  Download (2.6 MB)
               Arasan 7 (chess computer)

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT
Arasan is one of the strongest chess-programs for the PC that can cope with the "big ones" as test-results show on the Arasan Homepage. The new version 7.4 has even more playing ability and comprises, for example only 35.000 opening-moves; besides this the speed has been optimized again. Whoever also likes optical strength might download the free chess-interface -Arena in German, which works perfectly together with Arasan!!
Screenshot  Homepage  Download (4.6 MB)

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT
This backgammon transposition shows again how productive an "Open Source"-Project can be. Gorgeous, countless rendered boards and a strong computer-opponent with tournament-experience cause commercially sold transpositions of backgammon to turn white!
Screenshot  Homepage  Download (7.2 MB)

Win 95-2000 & XP
The game -Checkers- belongs to the classics of board-games. This 210 Kb small conversion of the game for Windows doesnt offer graphic Highlights but a strong opponent. A good game-instruction is also added to the Zip-file.
Screenshot  Homepage  Download (210 KB)
               Settlers of Catan

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT
Settlers is perhaps the first german-style board game to reach any degree of popularity outside of Europe and was the bestseller of games during the 90s. It is a pleasure to us to be able to present this 7 Million-Seller as a free download to you in a gorgeous 3D-Version! The Pc-conversion comprises all the games of the original-version plus the enhancement "the seafarers". Besides the off-line-variation you also have the possibility to play Sea 3D on the Internet.
Screenshot  Homepage  Download (6.8 MB)
               Sheepshead / Doppelkopf

Win 95-2000 & XP
Who doesn't know the annoying problem of the 3rd player ; -) ? Somehow the game never takes place. One person is busy, the other doesnt feel like it, the next prefers to stay with a beautiful woman (the last one wont refrain to talk about it proudly at the next meeting). There is an end to it now!! With us you can now install a very good free full-version of Sheepshead / Doppelkopf on your computer! And that's completely without lame excuses: -)
Screenshot  Homepage  Download (15 MB)
               HiddenLynx  - chinese chess -

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT
Chinese chess has been played for more than 700 years in the whole Asian and Persian area. Neither the queen nor the bishop exists here, which makes it very difficult to block a large number of fields. On the other hand that is what eases the freedom of movement. For all those who are interested in this vivid chess-variation, we have found a beautiful and strong free version. You will find a detailed game-instruction at Wikipedia. Lots of fun with Hidden Lynx!
Screenshot  Homepage  Download (4.1 MB)

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT
Jumper is an old board-game. The goal is to remove as many balls as possible from the field through clever moves. This game is a computer-version of Solitaire.
Screenshot  Homepage  Download (1.1 MB)
               Kalah ( seed game )

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT
With Kalah we introduce to you a computer-version of probably the oldest game in the world. Carved plans of this game (also known as Mancala) have already been found on the walls of the Cheops-Pyramid. As peoples game No.1 it is still enjoyed by millions of children around the whole world. Check it out and experience contemporary (game) history live! And that can be really fun! You will find a good instruction to this game -which is simple to learn- at Wikipedia.
Screenshot  Homepage  Download (3.2 MB)
               Yahzee (Gniffel)

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT

Finally it is back: A board-game-classic for fiddle amusement...  The always popular "Yahtzee" in free of charge bargain with up to 3 gratis computer-opponents for a gratis Download… (for this price unfortunately without freebie or give away) delivery in customary quantities; -)

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (350 KB)

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