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Win 95-2000 & XP

More beautifully, a card game-transposition can hardly be! A lovingly shaped game-table with interactive players whose voice response makes you forget that you are playing at the computer! Of course there is also an on-line-function for a Chat (to this a free registration is necessary)! A lot of fun for the whole family! Note: The game is advertising-financed and shows advertising discreetly at the upper screen edges.

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               MyJongg 2

Win 95-2000 & XP

An absolutely beautiful Maj Jongg game (also known as Shanghai) from Greece! This world famous game from China is based on the removal of equal gaming pieces. This however only works if these lie uncovered on the top. There are always 4 stones with the same symbol. But careful: Its not always the best to remove the stones directly!! Unlike the well established PC- conversion named " Kyodai Mahjongg "  Myjongg is a full-version and no time limited shareware (as always at! Get ready for the stones!!

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Win 95-2000 & XP

The game Platt shows that a good 3D-Engine is not only applied in 3D-Shooters and racing games. The team of Digital-Spirit has chosen the board-game-classic ludo to give it a rejuvenating cure. The glamorous 3D surrounding and a lot of gags ensure that you have a long fun game! You will be rolling on the floor laughing when you observe the small cute game figures' actions.  They are laughing and dancing gleefully if an opponent gets kicked out of the game and they are watching anxiously every step if somebody approaches them dangerously!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (4 MB)
               PLATT! WM Edition

Win 95-2000 & XP

The world cup edition of Platt has been edited just in time for the beginning of the world cup in the summer! Now you can choose between the teams of Germany, Brazil, the Netherlands and France and make them compete against each other in an exciting ludo game!

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Win 95-2000 & XP

Watch out, silly joke: Mr. Johnson is sitting at the table with his dog and playing poker. "That is great ", his friend says. It is not so great, Mr. Johnson responds. "In particular he cannot control himself. Every time he has a good hand, he wags with his tail ". 
Isnt it great that you dont need the dreaded poker face for this beautiful PC transposition ; -)

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (1.5 MB)

Win 95-2000 & XP

With this beautiful transposition of the (more than 200 years) popular game you dont need your evening dresses or a heavy purse! Your jogging suit will do and cold drinks are almost free! Play Roulette in your jogging suit and without any risk... unfortunately however also without odds; -)

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Win 95-2000 & XP

Sudoku, also Su-doku, is a Japanese numeric -puzzle. Even if you are playing with numbers in this game, no mathematical knowledge is necessary to find the solution. In Japan this game has been popular for 200 years. In the last years it has spread through Europe like a wildfire and now already has several 100.000 fans on our continent. Our version of Sudoku comprises 1.000 Sudoku variations and a solution-generator. 

For all the curious newcomers of you: you can find the Game instruction with solution-helps at Wikipedia.

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (500 KB)

Win 95-2000 & XP

Close to the city Palenque in Mexico stands the Temple of the Sun of the Maya. The fields of  YUCATA' correspond exactly to the corridors of this important archaeological place of discovery. The bright and the dark stones symbolize the good and the bad influences, which you must seek or rather avoid. Most likely YUCATA' was played only by priests for certain rituals. Since Maya priests are quite rare nowadays, you can dare to play a game without having to fear the fury of the Gods. Beautiful transposition of the board-game of the same name.

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