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         childrens game - good games for your child

               Bob the Builder - the onlinegame - !

Win 95-2000 & XP
Mac OS
     Bob the Builder free to download Bob the Builder free to download Bob the Builder free to download
Hi, folks! Today we start our new section only for the "little" fun-for-free-players! As a special high light we present the superstar " bob of the master builders " as an online-game with 10 different games! Maybe you need the Flash-Plugin but normally it is already installed on a Windows-computer!
play Bob the Builder online
               Racing for young people Rich Racer

Win 95-2000 & XP
Mac OS
Rich Racer is a really sweet car racing in comic-style without any obstacles. You control your car with the arrow-keys over mountain and valley and certainly reach the goal without driver's license!
play Rich Racer online
               Cheese hunt

Win 95-2000 & XP
Mac OS
Get ready for the cheese! Jimmy the small mouse is quite hungry again and jumps happily through the world to find a lot of delicious cheese..... Help Jimmy with the search and protect him from the many dangers in the big world of the small mice. One hint of us: Use mushrooms and cases to jump on the high fences and keep an eye on the thorns so that Jimmy doesn’t get hurt. You use the arrow-keys to move Jimmy and he jumps, if you press the arrow-key upward.
play Cheese hunt online
               Freegie heads

Win 95-2000 & XP
Mac OS
So now it becomes healthy: -) whether tomato, carrot, banana or pear, here you can paste up the greatest faces on your favourite-vegetable! Tomatoes turn into courageous redscins, the banana turns into Mister Cool... there is no limit to your creativity
play Freegie heads online

more games for children will be released soon
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