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               Disasteroids 2

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT

Disasteroids 2 is a graphically revised version of Asteroids (quod vide Disasteroids 3D) with a professional menu and good In-Game-Animations (explosions etc). At that time Disasteroids was probably the first Arcade game that also required skills.

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (1.8 MB)
               Cybernoid II

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT

Space-pirates have stolen plenty from the nice fellows of the galaxy-federation and have hidden the goods: they are now stored in the well guarded underground chambers of a pirate planet. With a well armed mini-spaceship one already set off to give the plunderers a wipe with many extra-arms and the help of an Amiga, Atari ST, C64 & Spectrum! Now you can replay the interstellar-piracy with Pentium power and that with a beautiful arcade graphic and top-sound (lately the original-music of the C64 has been voted again into the Top 10 of the best computer-sound tracks of all times)!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (6.6 MB)


Win 95-2000 XP
& NT

One of the most popular but also most expensive games of all times was –Dacathlon- on the C-64.  Not the purchase of the game was so expensive but the wear of the joysticks provided an empty purse! Neither with skill nor with reaction one could win the simulated decathlon... only pure jiggling at the joystick brought the world-records! With Lycos Athletics the game was converted for Windows and now one energises with the courser! A great party-game!!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (400 KB)

               Exolon DX

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT

In Exolon you play the part of a heavy-armed astronaut who finds himself on a hostile planet and has to travel a dangerous way to a safe base. The C64-Version already applied to be technically brilliant. Diversified graphics delighted the eye. Almost 20 years later a perfect and contemporary transposition is published written by a talented team of programmers! And the best about the remake: Beside the neat title-music you will also find Ingame-Music in MP3-quality! Top!

Screenshot  Homepage   Download (13 MB)

               Invaders I

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT

Excellent remake of Space Invaders. Beside the felicitous graphic the Aliens in this transposition are lovingly drawn with some gimmicks! Only some background music is missing.

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (1.6 MB)
               King`s Quest 1- Quest for the Crown -

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT

The small software-smithy Tierra, that has set the goal to reissue the classics of the Sierra-Adventures and to publish them as a freeware with revised SVGA-Graphic, comes from the deep north of Europe. The work in the long winter-nights has been worthwhile! King`s Quest 1 is more beautiful than ever before (also compare the original to the remake with the Screenshot)! Beside this you can download an mp3 sound pack (26mb) and an audio response (3mb) on the homepage of Tierra (the affinity to sierra is certainly just by chance: -)). You will find a complete-solution to the Adventure here! The most beautiful King`s Quest of all times!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (21 MB)
               King`s Quest 2 - Romancing the Stones -

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT

Lately the second part of King`s Quest has been published with an even more lovingly drawn background and animations as with the first part! Again you will find an Mp3 sound-pack (60 MBS) in CD-quality and an audio response (30 MBS) as a bonus! The complete-solution to the Adventure is here! Long live the king!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (43 MB)


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