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               Block Cad

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT

Who doesn't know these small stones from Denmark with which we have built our first home? For the big children we have BlockCAD. A 3D sign-program that draws with Lego bricks. The results can be exported (LDraw) and later be rendered. Now we can finally create a construction-manual for a reproduction of the Eiffel tower of 832.000 Lego bricks for our children! If you use BlockCad the programmer would like to have an e-mail of you. You can find LegoTM models here !

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (1 MB)
               Captains Luck - One-armed bandit -

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT

Get ready for the pirates treasure! In the middle of the paradise of the South sea stands the most beautiful one-armed bandit of the world! Here it is simply real fun to gamble away the loot accompanied by background Caribbean music! An awesome transposition!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (1.4 MB)
               Catch the Sperm 2

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT

On the latex, ready, GO! The popular game with the condom-cannon goes into the second contraception-round with an even better graphic! Catch the Sperm gives serious thought in humorous way to the topic AIDS-Prevention. The outcome is a marvellous but profound game. Roll on the condom, aim and open fire!

................ against that unintentional intrusion of sperms, Syphilis and Co.           
Screenshot  Homepage  Download (6 MB)
               Catch the Sperm Unlimited

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT

Catch the Sperm unlimited appears in a colourful feature and is the inofficial third part of the game-series. It is way to boring for the sperms...the eternal long swimming against the stream in total darkness... “No " they said " from today on the work becomes merrily"! In the wintertime they want to celebrate carnival and in the summertime they dive in the Caribbean ocean of Jamaica! Fun must be! But also in this part the aim:   Love life-stop aids

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (8.5 MB)
               Hypervisual Century

Win 95-2000 XP
& NT

Hypervisual Century, a brilliant " Slot-Machine ", is not only a hit because of the graphic! Hypervisual Century is so realistic that one almost doesn’t dare to play for high stakes. With this game you really get yourself a gambling-hall on your Windows-system!!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (1.5 MB)
               Nonsense Madness

Win 95-2000 & XP

“Finally it's finished. We are proud to present the silliest game in the history of mankind!” 
That’s how the programmers describe the game Nonsense Madness on their Homepage. This game is not only the craziest game we played before but also one of the best Arcade-games on the Freeware market! Extremely well done animations, very good background sound and funny commentaries turn this game into an absolute hit!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (5.2 MB)


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