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               ATA -Extracts From The American Civil War-

Win 95-2000 & XP

One of the most favourite games ever is the classic North & South by Infogrames! This hilarious strategy-game in which the American civil war had been recapitulated filled everyone who owned a 16-bit computer with enthusiasm at that time. After 2 years of processing there is now a follower of the party-hit! Brilliant graphic and innumerable gags provide fun for many, many game-nights! Unfortunately at this point the game is only for 2 players, a computer-opponent is not supported. .............. however twosome it is just doubly fun! A mega-hit!!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (7.4 MB)

Win 95-2000 & XP

The Freeware C-evo is a brilliant Civilization-Clone that shows up as a strategy-game based on rounds with economic-elements like its archetype. In the meantime the original aged 13 years but still it is regarded to be the basis for "modern" games like "Age of Empires" and "settlers". The goal of the game is to take over the power of the world with a culture you chose, for example Romans, ancient Germans, Aztecs…. You start to built up a village, search for a food-rich region, put all your strength into research and education or even war equipment. Civilization didn’t loose any allures and what is packed in only 1,2 MB here is compressed game-addiction pure!

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               FlightGear -Flugsimulation-

Win 95-2000 & XP

As we all know Microsoft has plenty of monopolies. This is also applied to the Microsoft flight-simulator. Whoever wanted to lift off into the civilian air traffic with his PC didn't pass this software and turned a blind eye to the graphic deficits of the MFS. Now the monopoly is broken and flying at the pc is now free indeed! Without hidden costs like taxes and security-dues! You can lift up from every big airport of the world and this among others with a Cessna,  a 737 or a jumbo! Brilliant graphic, realistic flight-behaviour and original satellite view dwarf the Microsoft flight-simulator!  Like with all other flight-simulators you should only climb the cockpit with some previous aeronautic knowledge and exact preparation ;-).

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (87 MB)
               Lead Soldier

Win 95-2000 & XP

Lead Soldier is a great strategy-game for 1 or 2 players in the style of Command & Conquer. This Game however is not simply a poor copy but some interesting functions have been added. Also the graphic can be shown and the familiar game-control of C & C guarantees a fast access into the action. Don't be deterred by the very simple missions at the beginning.... at the latest the 6. Level becomes tricky! Super game!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (4 MB)

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