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               Carom 3D  - Online Billard -

Win 95-2000, XP
& NT

With Carom3D you compete for the first time against billiard-players from the whole world. The free 3D-Billard-Simulation presents itself with a nearly photo-realistic graphic and supplies numerous billiard-variations (among others 8-ball, 3-Cushion, 4-ball and Card ball). We recommend to play some rounds in the offline mode to get used to the control before you start the online tournament. But then you can start: Choose one of the numerous gambling halls and invite Billiard-fans from all over the world to compete with you. Of course you will also find a chat function that provides an even more realistic touch! A short registration on the German page is necessary for an online game.

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (17 MB)
               Chrysler World Tours Golf

Win 95-2000 & XP

Whoever thought that golf is an expensive sport is now taught a better! With "Chrysler World Tours" we present you the probably most extensive advertising-game of the year. The American Daimler-Chrysler-Concern offers a terrific golf-game for a free download that can even cope with the well established golf-series "Links"! You can prove your skills in a single play or in an online tournament on a beautiful and diversified 18-hole-Course. The game is suitable for beginners as well as for golf-experts who can bring in their technical knowledge because of the additional setting possibilities. It is a “must” for all of you who don’t mind a Download of almost 50 MB!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (52 MB)
               Dart `m Up

Win 95-2000 & XP

Finally back on today we present you dart m´up as the third game of the brewery Dommelsch (see also -Pool m' up - & -Roll m' up -)! As expected this Dart game stands out through a brilliant graphic and really good sound! Not only skill but also reaction is asked in this game for 1 to 2 players. Twosome it’s even more fun! Unfortunately the Dutch fellows stopped their project. However we still offer the games on!!

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (3.7 MB)
               Front 9

Win 95-2000 & XP

We admit that mini-golf will not entertain everybody. Even the most beautiful place becomes monotonous very fast. But what would you think about a trip to the most beautiful mini-golf-courses of the world? From the tea gardens in Ceylon across Venice right up to the pyramids in Egypt…even a time travel into the past is included. Your ticket is the navigator or Explorer from version 5 and an Open Gl-3D-card. Hans A. about Font 9: " And I thought the world of  golf is only green ".......

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (3 MB)
               Green Baize Groovers

Win 95-2000 & XP

Green Baize Groovers is a 3D-Version of snooker and billiard for 1 to 2 players. Whether against a friend or the computer this 3D - version simply brings a lot of fun and provides some relaxed hours. Also have a look at Carom 3D further above.

Screenshot  Homepage  Download (2 MB)
               Pool `m Up - Billard -

Win 95-2000 & XP
Game is playable! Review is following!
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               Roll `m Up - Pinball -

Win 95-2000 & XP
Game is playable! Review is following!
Screenshot  Homepage  Download (3.8 MB)


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